Tree Removal Savannah Georgia

Tree Removal Savannah Georgia

Tree removal Savannah Georgia is proud to serve the local Savannah area and take care of all of your tree care needs. The beauty of the Savannah Georgia area has always been a highlight of not only living there, but also it is why so many tourists are drawn here every year. The historical character and beauty of Savannah Georgia is one that needs to be preserved and maintained so everyone can enjoy it for years to come. Making sure that the curb appeal and natural beauty is exactly where it needs to be will require maintenance that can only be provided by professionals. Tree service and maintenance can play a huge role in making sure everything looks up to par. There are many services that can help with making sure it looks great. Take a look at the services we provide below!

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Tree Removal:

Tree removal refers to the elimination of trees, often for the purpose of maintaining safety in an environment. When a tree is weak, lacking structural integrity, or dead, it poses a threat to its immediate surroundings. Unhealthy trees are likely to fall off suddenly, or have their limbs drop-off, thus, causing injuries to persons or causing damages to personal property in an environment. Given this, tree removal is usually aimed at avoiding any tree-related danger in an environment, by simply getting rid of dead, week, or unhealthy trees.

Asides the need to maintain safety in an environment, tree removal can also be required for the purpose of creating space, or to allow for the spread of light to a place. Besides, home owners may need to get rid of the trees which impede their view, or reduces ventilation in their homes. The need to erect a new structure or to extend a building may also necessitate tree removal.

Even though tree removal seems a pretty straightforward job to do, it is highly technical, and requires some level of expertise and experience. Hence, it can be very dangerous when undertaken by non-professionals. A safe and effective tree removal exercise requires the services of professional arborists or professional tree services near you.

Tree Stump Removal:

A tree stump is the lowest portion of a tree trunk, which is left unremoved, after the most part of the tree has been felled or cut-down. Tree stumps can be kept and maintained in environments for aesthetic purposes or to serve as sitting stools or tables, etc. in private yards or public places. However, stump removal becomes necessary when a site has to be totally cleared for building, cultivation or for the construction of road paths.

Compared to other arborist activities like tree cutting, bracing and cabling, stump removal may not always require the services of professionals. There are several DIY (Do It Yourself) methods of removing a stump. You can remove it manually (using tools like digging bars, shovel, axe, chainsaw, etc.). You can also make use of stump killers, stump grinders, or you can simply burn it off.

A regular non-professional should be able to make use of any of the DIY methods to get rid of small or medium-sized stumps. However, large stumps are better taken care of by professionals.  Besides, an unprofessional stump removal can result into an eyesore, messing-up your yard or environment. Hence, requesting the services of professional arborists may be just the right thing to do.

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Tree Trimming:

Tree trimming refers to the cutting or thinning of a tree’s overgrown limbs and/or branches, to enhance its health and beauty. When effectively carried out, tree trimming brings out the decorative qualities of a tree, thus, contributing to the aesthetics of an environment. When trees grow and their limbs and branches begin to lose shape, the health of the tree may be affected. The thick branches make it difficult for sunlight to penetrate the inward parts of the tree.

Without constant and periodic tree trimming, a tree’s branches and limbs tend to expand beyond proportion, and may even collide with objects in their surroundings. Also, overgrown tree branches may pose an obstacle to the spread of light or to the view of people in the environment. At such times, tree trimming becomes a necessity.

Now, even though tree trimming appears like a task the lay man should be able to execute, it may be quite complicated than it actually seems. When a tree is poorly trimmed, its limbs may be damaged, and its structural integrity can be affected. Hence, there is need to seek the services of professionals, to ensure a safe, beautiful, and effective tree trimming.

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Tree Cutting:

Tree cutting simply refers to the felling of individual trees often for the purpose of logging. It is also known as tree felling. Even though it is primarily aimed at the production of woods for economic ends, it is a highly deemphasized part of arboriculture. This is because excessive tree cutting is known to be one of the most primary causes of deforestation (the massive reduction or elimination of plant life).

Trees are very necessary and active parts of our ecosystem. Studies have shown that they are responsible for a massive portion of the oxygen on earth. Thus, their destruction may harm the planet. Trees are also responsible for the preservation of wildlife, maintenance of good soil structure, healthy atmosphere, and etc. This is why many concerned bodies are constantly against excessive tree cutting and the avoidance of deforestation.

Tree cutting is also a necessary part in the process of urbanization. When civilization spreads through forests or other vegetation regions, tree cutting and land clearing are often prevalent features. The construction of buildings, roads, and etc. can also require the need to clear forests and cut down trees. For safety reasons, tree cutting is best handled by professionals who specialize in the practice.

stump grinder grinding a stump from a removed tree
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Tree Pruning:

Tree pruning is often mistaken to mean the same thing as tree trimming. However, even though they are both meant to facilitate the health of the tree, they are quite different. Tree pruning is aimed at getting rid of harmful objects, diseased or dead parts from the tree’s branches and limbs. Tree trimming, on the other hand, is particularly focused on shaping a tree and to enhance its beauty.

Pruning helps to prevent the spread of pests and diseases through a tree, since affected or diseased parts of the tree are carefully removed in the process. Also, it ensures the safety of an environment by providing the perfect opportunity for the detection and elimination of weak branches or limbs from the tree. This helps to avoid the danger of having them fall suddenly. Pruning generally results in the overall health of a tree. It helps to facilitate effective flower and fruit production.

Proper tree pruning is a highly technical procedure, and is best carried out by professional arborists. A lay individual may find it a lot difficult to identify the parts of the branches meant to be removed, and may even damage the tree in the process. Hence, it is always much safer to call for the services of professionals.

A freshly planted tree with a perfect lawn around it

Residential Tree Services:

Residential tree services are organizations established with the sole purpose providing tree-related services to residents and/or owners of private properties. They provide loads of services which includes tree removal, maintenance, pruning, trimming, and etc. A residential tree service can also help willing residents learn about how they can effectively maintain or take care of their trees. All standard and registered residential tree services are in custody of certified professional arborists, tree doctors, tree engineers who work as teams for the provision of specific services.

Non-professionals have no clue what to do in the areas of diagnosing, treating, bracing and cabling of trees. Hence, residential tree services prove really crucial. Also, they can be the ideal bodies to call, in the event of any tree-related accident or emergency. Periodic examination of trees by residential tree services can also be required to ensure the constant health and well-being of your trees. This helps to ensure that pests and/or diseases are identified before they cause any serious damage.

Besides providing tree-related care to clients, most residential trees services also help to build and maintain healthy residential lawns and tree decorations. The trimming of trees for decorative purposes may be too sensitive to be successfully handled by non-professionals. Hence, it is best take-care of by professionals.

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Commercial Tree Services:

Commercial tree services are tree expert and arborist organizations which provide tree-care services to owners of commercial properties. They primarily provide services like tree planting, tree care, tree removal, stump removal, tree diagnostics, etc. in commercial environments or setting. While residential tree services primarily provide their services to residents or in residential environments, commercial tree services major in commercial environments. However, most tree-service organizations are not strictly confined to either commercial or residential properties.

Commercial tree services are the ideal bodies to take care of the landscaping and tree planting on commercial properties. They are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide distinctive landscaping that is most suitable for commercial organizations like company properties, hotels, schools and colleges, etc. Depending on the unique features and purposes of a commercial organization, commercial tree services are able to come up with the ideal professional landscaping that perfectly suits their environments and functions.

Just like other tree-care organizations, commercial tree services feature teams of certified professional arborists and tree doctors with sufficient skills and experience to suit their specializations.

tree fallen on car

Shrub Trimming and Pruning:

Just like trees, shrubs are woody plants with several branches. However, they differ from trees in that they typically have several stems. Also, they are ideally not more than 7 to 8 meters tall. In fact, some shrubs do not grow beyond 3 meters. When carefully trimmed, shrubs can also add some aesthetic value to an environment. They can even be more beautiful alternative to trees, given their small sizes.

Pruning and trimming your shrubs are very important maintenance procedures. Just as with trees, pruning shrubs helps to ensure that infected, damaged, or toxic parts are removed before they spread to other parts. Also, pruning gets rid of excessive stems and branches, thus, enhancing ventilation and the spread of sunlight through the plant. This culminates in the total well-being of the shrub.

Trimming a shrub is a lot easier, compared to trees. First, shrubs are much less complicated to trim. Also, their flower-like height makes every of their parts a lot more assessable. When well-trimmed, shrubs can be of much greater decorative values than trees. Besides, they can be easily converted into different beautiful shapes. However, arborists advise that young or growing shrubs or trees should not be trimmed or pruned until they grow to their full potential.

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Storm Damage:

Storm damage refers to the physical destruction of trees or other objects, as a result of a serious storm. It is particularly prevalent in areas where ice storms are common. These storms have the potential to cause different levels of injuries to trees, and may even pull them down, thus, posing a serious threat to life and property.

Even though a tree may not be totally or perfectly safe from storm damage (in the event of a serious storm), there are steps tree owners can take to ensure that their trees are perfectly healthy and less likely to be damaged by a storm. Tree doctors argue that most trees which are thoroughly affected by storms had some underlying health challenges prior to the storm. Trees with structural integrity issues, inadequate root systems or girdling roots are very likely to be affected by any serious storm. Other challenges like tree decay, shallow soils, etc. can also contribute to storm damage.

To prevent storm damage, owners may have to hire tree care professionals to thoroughly examine their trees. If needs be, some corrective pruning, wound treatment (or repair), cabling and bracing, and other relevant measures may just be the much-needed help a tree requires to stay solid through turbulent weathers.

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Emergency Tree Services:

In the event of any tree-related accident or damage which requires the removal of a tree, an emergency tree removal becomes important. Some situations that may necessitate emergency tree removal involve cases of hanging trees or a tree’s contact with electric lines, and other tree-related occurrences that may put home owners or residents at a risk. Emergency tree removal services are organizations established for the purpose of providing tree-related emergency services.

Emergency tree removal services are equipped with the personnel and equipment to carry out extreme tree-removal operations without putting any life or property at a risk. Hence, they are the ideal body to contact during cases of serious tree damages, tree-related threats, and other dicey situations relating to trees. All urgent tree removal situations that may be otherwise dangerous when handled by non-professionals are best taken care of by emergency tree removal services.

Emergency tree removal services provide other services like lawn care, tree/shrub trimming and pruning, etc. They also carry out tree examination services to ensure that a tree is solid, healthy, and fit enough to withstand harsh weather.

Most emergency tree removal services can be reached via their telephone lines at any time of the week. Residents can locate emergency services closest to them via search engines.


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