Arborist Consultation

Arborist Consultation

The conscious maintenance of trees, shrubs, and other similar woody plants plays the most fundamental role in their health, productivity, beauty, and etc. It is expected that lawns and plants in homes and commercial properties be well cared for, to ensure the beauty of their landscapes. When poorly maintained, they will not only constitute nuisance in their environment, they also pose a threat to the lives and property in their surroundings. Poorly maintained trees, for instance, can become weak and may have their limbs fall off dangerously. Other kinds of plants can decay and attract harmful insects into a place.

Now, it is a little difficult for non-professionals to effectively maintain their trees and woody plants, without the guidance of professionals. Qualified arborists are better equipped to help tree owners properly care for their lawns and plants as they ought to. This is what necessitates arborist consultations.

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Who is an Arborist:

An arborist is a certified professional who specializes in the art of caring for trees, vines, shrubs, and all other woody plants. Arborists are equipped with the knowledge of the biology of trees, their functions, structure and behavior. Thus, they are the ideal “doctors” to attend to any kind of tree issue like cultivation, pruning, trimming, infection and pest control, etc. They also carry out tree and shrub removal, even though these are less emphasized aspect of their jobs. Arborists are also required for periodic examination of trees and to educate home owners on how to care for their trees, shrubs, vines, and other woody plants.

Now, it is important to note that professional arborists can be divided into two categories: certified arborists and consulting arborists. Certified arborists are the class of arborists who are trained for the primary purpose of offering tree care services like trimming, pruning, planting, fertilizing, pest and disease controlling, tree and stump removal, etc. They specialize in the practical aspects of tree care and maintenance. Consulting arborists, on the other hand, are professionals who are equipped for the primary purpose of examining, appraising, and diagnosing trees. Upon their diagnostic exercises, they recommend treatment approach to owners, and also educate them on the ways to properly care for their trees.

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Key Reasons for Arborist Consultation:

There are a number of reasons why you may require to consult professional arborists. Here are a few common ones:

To keep woody plants safe from pests and diseases: For a number of reasons, woody plants can become susceptible to diseases and pests. Now, they often begin gradually from a part of the tree, before spreading to vital areas. This is why there is need for trees and woody plants to be examined by professionals at specific intervals. Non-professional tree owners would find it difficult to effectively examine their trees. Hence, arborist consultation is a necessity.

To keep a tree solid during turbulent weathers: One of the ways of preventing sudden tree fall is to consult arborists to examine their trees, before seasons of turbulent weathers. Arborists can help owners know if a tree is safe or dangerous to the environment. They are also the ideal professionals to prescribe how a tree’s lack of structural integrity can be addressed.

To examine the extent of storm damage: Storm damage to woody plants can leave owners confused. However, consulting arborists help address their confusion by assessing the level of damage done to the tree and by prescribing how owners can restore back their plants to health.

To offer proper landscape planning services: Consulting arborists are equipped with the knowledge of tree planting, the ideal soil or locations that is most suitable for specific trees, etc. Consequently, home and commercial property owners are in safe hands, when they contact these professionals for their landscaping.

How Much Does Arborist Consultation Cost:

The cost of arborist consultation depends on a number of key factors like the professional consulted, the amount of time spent, etc. However, on the average, many arborist charge around $25 per tree but that could vary on location.

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