Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Land clearing has been commonly defined as removing obstacles on land such as stumps, stones, trees, etc. Land clearing is vital to enhance the production of crops on a farm that has been used or is currently in use. This process is also essential because it offers additional land or space for farming.

After the clearing of a land, the next thing will be the cultivation of land. Cultivation of land is the loosening and breaking up of soil, and this is done for soil conservation and crop rotation. Aside from the fact that land clearing can serve as a source of income, it can also help in enhancing the habitats of animals.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Land clearing has numerous benefits. One of the benefits is that it is an avenue for additional means of income for a landowner through production of timber. There is an increasing need for timber by humans to serve as paper, woods for furniture and other purposes. Land clearing also serves a means to purify the land before farming commences on it.

Despite what looks like a plus all through, clearing of land also has a disadvantage. One of the popular disadvantages is deforestation. Although trees are being planted back, however, they grow at a slow pace which leads to damage to the natural habitats of man and animals.

Clearing of land can be carried out in numerous manners, and it should be noted that sometimes, this process can take more than a year to complete. Before the clearing begins, valuable trees should be removed to avoid damaging them. Designate an area of land for protection very

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Popular Land Clearing Methods:

Pushover:  one way used by a lot of people in land clearing is the pushover technique. It involves the use of a construction machine for pushing trees with intact roots over the land. When the trees have been dragged to a particular place, they are then taken for processing before being sold.

Cut and Grind: Instead of using the pushover technique, have you considered trying the cutting of trees and grinding or mulching of the stump? This is another functional way of clearing land of obstacles.

Before we proceed, it is important to note that in previous years, burning of bush was a means of land clearing. However, with changes in the climatic conditions of the world which has led to more climate change advocacy, bush burning has been prohibited in almost all countries. There are other lesser known techniques that can be used for clearing land asides from the techniques we have talked about so far.

Chainsaw: Do you have a small land you want to clear and you are looking for a way to go about it? Have you tried the chainsaw   technique? All you have to do is to cut the trees. The disadvantage is that you won't touch the roots and stumps of the trees.

Backhoe: Another way of land clearing is through the use of a backhoe; this method is especially for people who can't afford to hire a land clearing company. Make sure the backhoe you get has a front end loader that has a fork and rake. Small objects on the land will be cleared with the rake, after raking, the fork will transport the obstacles, while the loader will be used for digging.  Take caution while using the rake to avoid damaging the soil.

From the ongoing discussion, it is evident that several ways can be used for land clearing. However, if you are still finding it difficult to do it yourself probably due to lack of time, you should employ the service of a professional excavating company.

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