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Cutting off a tree often begins with the removal of the upper trunk, while the lower part and the roots, known as the stump, is carefully removed later on. Depending on the purpose of cutting the tree, it isn’t always compulsory to get rid of its stump.

This is because tree stumps can serve a number of purposes in yards and public places. They can be used as decorative items. They can also serve as pieces of furniture in parks and public places. However, depending on the uses of the land or the intentions for cutting a tree, there may be a need for stump removal.

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Why You May Need to Remove Your Tree Stumps:

Grinding Tree Stump with Grinder.

The following are some of the most common reasons for stump removal:

Land clearing: When you intend to cultivate a land or to build a structure over it, you simply want to clear the land and to get rid of all unwanted weeds, plants, shrubs and trees. Now, getting rid of trees will be incomplete without the removal of its stump. Stump removal thus proves to be an important part of land clearing.

Space creation in homes or yards: In a bid to create space somewhere, the removal of faulting trees is required. This consequently results into the removal of their stumps. When left alone, stumps can consume useful space that could have served other useful purposes.

Aesthetics: Even though stumps can be aesthetically appealing when decorated and consciously manipulated for beauty. However, they can be just the opposite. Old, worn-out, and decaying stumps can be such an eyesore to your yard. They can be a massive dent to the beauty of your yard. The removal of such stumps thus proves important to the aesthetics of your environment.

For leveling-up a road path: Little stumps or root extensions of removed trees may result into a crooked and unlevelled road path. This may result in some level of difficulty in movement from one point to another. Thus, stump removal becomes a much needed procedure.

Protection of furniture and other plants from decay and pest: Old and decaying stumps may pose some level of danger to other plants and the pieces of furniture in your yard and/or environment. This is because they have the tendency to invite and attract harmful pests like termites, carpenter ants, etc. These species can cause damages to other plant life around you and could eat-up your wooden furniture.

To keep a yard or environment safe for children and pets: The fact that decaying tree stumps produce fungi, which is poisonous to human and animal life when ingested, gives home owners reasons to reconsider keeping tree stumps in their yards. Another reason why stumps may be dangerous to kids is the fact that they can cause accidents; kids can run into stumps and get injured in the process. Ideally, tree stumps are not safe in schools, daycare centers and in homes with little kids.

How to Remove a Tree Stump:

Regular persons without professional training or experience may do just fine in removing small tree stumps or stumps from weak trees. The can make use of chemicals, stump grinders, or simply use manual tools (if the roots aren’t too deep).

Nevertheless, hiring professional arborists with the training, equipment, and expertise in the art is much safer. Non-professional stump removals may result into a mess and may be too physical demanding and time-consuming.

However, a team of professional arborists shouldn’t, under normal conditions, take more than just a few hours to remove a regular-sized stump.

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