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Tree cutting is the primary task of the process of logging. It entails the cutting of trees for specific economic purposes. It is more properly recognized as tree felling. We do not often practice felling for tree cutting Savannah.

The process of logging properly begins with tree felling and is often immediately accompanied by other tasks like cutting limbs or clearing brush (getting rid of the branches or limbs from a tree’s trunk), skidding (the mechanized process of transporting the logs from their position to a landing), etc.

Tree felling may also be necessary in a farm or forest if a specific tree poses a threat to the surrounding things.

If you have a piece of land that needs to be cleared, then tree cutting is the best option.

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Basic Reasons for Tree Cutting:

Wood Production: Wooden furniture are made from woods and planks which all come from cut trees. The yearly supply and availability of wood round the world is dependent on the rate of tree felling taking place. To avoid deforestation, the place of growing trees for wood production is also emphasized in the whole process.

Agriculture: While agriculture is recognized as highly valuable to human life, it also a key reason for the cutting of trees. The creation of a farm requires the removal of trees and other irrelevant plants.

Cultivation is only possible in the absence of trees. Besides, agriculture is primarily focused on fast producing plants; now, most trees do not qualify here!

Infrastructural Projects: This is a very common feature of urbanization. Civilization is fast spreading to parts of the world that have been covered with forests. This culminates in the reduction of forests and the reduction of trees.

Besides, the construction of infrastructural projects like roads, rail transport networks, hydroelectric dams, etc. also necessitate the cutting of trees. Since several of these kinds of projects require a large portion of forests, they require the cutting or removal of large numbers of trees.

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The Common Methods of Tree Felling:

There are a few ways of felling trees. Here are some of the most common methods:

Manual Felling: This is also known as hand felling. It requires the use of manual tools like axes, machetes, saws, chainsaws, etc. Manual felling is only applicable to old, small and medium-sized trees, and may ready in just a few hours.

However, it can prove to be really dangerous. Falling limbs and/or stems have can be fatal. Hence, manual felling can lonely be undergone by professionals with requisite experience and equipment.

The use of feller bunchers: This is otherwise recognized as mechanized tree felling. Feller bunchers are bulldozer-like motorized vehicles with have attachments which can be used to cut several trees all at once.

Unlike manual felling, the use of feller bunchers is applicable in large forests or in cases where there are lots of trees to fell.

Some Disadvantages of Tree Cutting:

Tree cutting has been recognized to be of huge disadvantages to the environment. Here are a few reasons why it is highly discouraged.

Flooding and Soil Erosion: Trees naturally keep the soil in shape and helps lit to retain water. The lack of trees would mean that the soil’s capacity to hold water is compromised. This results into the likelihood of erosion, or the washing away of the topsoil. This can further lead to flooding.

Loss of animal and plant species: Since most species of animal and plant species are found in forests, deforestation threatens their existence. Constant deforestation has the tendency to cause the extinction of rare species of plants and animals. It also poses a threat to wildlife.