Tree Healthcare

Tree Healthcare

Tree healthcare refers to the organized system of professional and non-professional principles, practices and activities aimed at promoting the health and well-being of trees in the society. Tree healthcare is a cause that is pursued by individual tree lovers, professional arborist organizations, tree NGOs etc. It is believed that trees are crucial to the life of mankind and to the health of the planet. Hence, tree healthcare activities are meant to promote the life of trees, and, as a result, make life on earth more habitable. Tree healthcare emphasizes tree planting, tree pruning, tree assessment, and all relevant activities aimed at promoting tree health. It discourages the removal or cutting of trees or any other activities that may be likely to result into deforestation.

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Reasons for the Promotion of Tree Healthcare:

Many organizations promote tree healthcare for a number of reasons such as the following:

The constant food/fruit production: When tree health is affected, the production of fruit will be consequently affected. Outbreak of tree diseases often result in the scarcity of their fruits. This leads to a hike in their prices. To ensure a constant and sufficient production of food and fruits, many bodies and organizations see the need for the promotion of tree healthcare.

To maintain the “health” of the planet: Studies have shown that a regular-sized tree produces enough oxygen for over 10 human beings. They absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the earth’s atmosphere, serving as an air cleanser. Consequently, reduction of trees would only culminate in the release of harmful greenhouse gasses into the earth’s atmosphere. Now, this is found to be responsible for global warming and other dangerous phenomena.

The preservation of nature: Nature, as we know it, is believed to be constantly under threat, with the increase of activities that lead to deforestation. Trees are highly relevant to the maintenance of nature. Forests serve as a home (natural habitat) for different species of animals, insects and birds. The removal of trees or the destruction of forests thus serves as a threat to them. Besides, trees themselves are beautiful natural ornaments which should be preserved. The indiscriminate activities of tree cutting are thus believed to have been responsible for the loss of several species of animals and trees already.

To conserve energy: A huge amount of the amount of carbon dioxide released into the earth’s atmosphere come from the use of air conditioners. Now, studies have shown that they are able to reduce air conditioning needs (during summer) by 50 percent or more. This doesn’t only conserve energy, it also saves cost.

To shield from ultra-violet rays: Exposure to ultra-violet rays has been found responsible for skin cancer and other similar skin diseases. Trees serve as perfect shades against these rays. This is why people who live in environment with high tree population are much protected.

To prevent water scarcity and pollution: This is why the growing of trees is particularly encouraged in places prone to water scarcity. The shade from trees help to reduce the pace and rate of water evaporation. The fact that they break rain fall and accommodate the flow of water, thus helping to avoid pollutants in the water.

For healthy and beautiful landscaping: Studies have shown that environments with much trees have soothing effect on humans. The aesthetic feeling that comes with them also help humans live happier and healthier.

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