Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Adding beauty and privacy to your property can help the overall look and feel of the area. That is why we offer our Tree Planting services for the Savannah, Ga area.

Tree planting simply refers to the process of planting or growing of trees, often for the purpose of landscaping, horticulture, forestry, and etc. Since trees are very important to our environment, atmosphere, soil structure, etc., tree planting is highly valued in most societies. While all practices of tree removal and tree cutting are highly discouraged (since they lead to deforestation), tree planting is seen as a part of the reparative efforts of cushioning their negative effects. Several tree organizations like One Tree Planted, Trees for the Future, International Tree Foundation, and etc. have been known to support the tree planting and reforestation.

The idea of planting trees is not only confined to reforestation or other forms of general environmental purposes. Home or commercial property owners also value having trees in their properties. In fact, a home is believed to be more valuable when it features trees in its landscape. People also value trees for their aesthetic values.

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Advantages of Tree Planting:

Some very important environmental benefits come with tree planting. Here are some of the most common of them:

They serve as cool shades during high-temperature times: The number of trees present in a place determines its level of coolness. Trees typically absorb heat while they produce cool air in their surroundings. Not only do they serve as a shade from sun light or high temperature, they also serve the purpose of cooling their environment.

They purify air: Trees helps to make our atmosphere safe and breathable by purifying and cleansing it from harmful pollutant gases like ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides. They also absorb poignant odors, leaving behind fresh air. By absorbing harmful chemicals, they not only make our environments habitable, they help us leave pleasurably.

They keep the soil solid: The presence of trees help to hold the soil together and to hold it firm against erosion.

They increase soil fertility: Another very important benefit of trees is the fact that they increase the soil’s fertility. First, since they reduce soil erosion, they help the soil absorb moisture, making it easy for other plants to grow. Besides this, when tree leaves fall and decay, they enrich the soil with nutrients that promote the growth and productivity of plants.

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Advantages of Tree Planting Continued:

Shelters for wildlife: Deforestation culminates in the loss of wildlife. This is because trees serve to them as shelters and living places. Hence, reforestation, which entails the planting of trees, helps to provide shelter for them, and to keep them safe. Different species of animals, giving the availability of sufficient trees, can, as a result, be preserved.

For beautiful landscaping: Private or commercial property owners like to have their landscape feature beautiful and attractive lawns and trees. Sufficient tree planting, thus, proves vital in many landscaping plans.

They help to save water in the soil: With trees around you, there are only little chances of water getting evaporated. The fact that they serve as a shade against sunlight helps effectively in this cause.

They provide food/fruits for human consumption: This is easily one of the most common reasons why people like to have trees around them. Fruit lovers prefer to have their yards littered with their best fruit trees. Besides, fruit trees encourage people to consume more fruits like apples, bananas, plums, etc., helping people to feed more healthily.

They help to reduce stress: Studies have shown that trees have soothing effects on human beings. They serve as perfect relaxation shades. Besides, they encourage outdoor activities, thus, serving as perfect spots for socializing.

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