Tree Trimming Savannah

Tree Trimming and Care Savannah

If you live in the Savannah, Ga area, and you have overgrown or dead tree branches that are just in the way, then tree trimming savannah ga would be the best solution for you. One of the distinct features of trees is their aesthetic value in our yards and surroundings.

Healthy trees, planted at strategic locations, are perfect for giving our environment a beautiful and healthy look. They can also be used to decorate our yards, schools, company properties to reflect festive periods like Christmas and New Year times.

The artistic formation of trees into decorative shapes and sizes is a necessary part of using trees for decorative purposes. It is simply known as tree trimming.

Now, trimming requires some level of arborist expertise and professional skills to effectively carry this out. When a tree is trimmed by non-professionals, it may be successfully converted into some nice decorative item. However, its health may be tampered with.

Trimming exposes a tree to the risk of being damaged, if the trimming is being handled by anyone without sufficient knowledge of a tree’s biology. Tampering with the wrong parts of the tree may affect its growth, structural integrity, productivity, etc., and may even completely damage the tree.

Poor tree trimming is comparable to tree vandalization.



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Some Common Purpeses of Tree Trimming:

Aesthetic Qualities: This is probably the most common reason why people trim their trees. It is no doubt that healthy trees, in their natural states and shapes, are beautiful. People who prefer natural environments may derive pleasure in keeping their trees natural, without tweaking them for any decorative purpose.

However, most people prefer to trim their trees for decorative purpose. Particularly, commercial organizations prefer to keep their trees well-trimmed to give their property a formal and attractive look. Trimming thus proves useful to enhance a tree’s beauty and aesthetic qualities.

Prevent unnecessary expansion: A healthy tree has the tendency to constantly expand. A young tree can grow beyond the expectation of its owners, and even probably encroach on some other person’s properties.

There have been cases of trees growing so large that they get in contact with electric cables, thus, posing a threat to their immediate environment. Tree trimming thus proves useful in keeping a tree’s growth in check and to prevent it from expanding beyond boundaries prepared for them.

Ensure the Safety of an Environment: Trimming is a much safer alternative to preventing tree branches from falling off (compared to bracing and cabling).

However, it is only applicable in cases where the falling branches are caused by some sort of weakness. Trimming helps to get rid of weak branches, and to ensure that it is free from any sort of falling branches.

tree trimming savannah

Some Important Tree Trimming Rules:

Avoid trimming young and growing trees: When a tree is still in its developmental stages and hasn’t grown to its full potential, it may be risky to trim it.

Trimming such trees may reduce the pace of their growth, or may even keep them stagnant. Hence, it is safer to ensure that a tree is fully grown and developed before considering any form of trimming.

Avoid trimming too often: Depending on the purpose of trimming the tree, it is safer to keep it very minimal. It is just safe to keep a fully mature tree’s maintenance plan at just once in 3 or 4 years.

At most, a tree should not be trimmed more than once every year. Doing this may affect its structural integrity over time.

Contact professionals: Simple mistakes during trimming may be dangerous to a tree’s health. Hence, it is safest to ensure that a tree is handled by professionals.

This is because it takes persons with tree-trimming experience and the knowledge of tree biology to ensure a healthy trimming job, and to avoid any fatal mistake.